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The Gang

Drawing of Nicole or a red background

Nicole Garner


She’s been at Davidson Libera since the start, brought in by Mateusz Libera.
Could have moved on a while ago, but instead chooses to deal with Paul and babysit her pod of clowns.

Don Amiri

Senior Associate

Quit a thriving consulting firm to join this one. Does he regret it? Who knows.

He’s spicy and pricey, still makes playlists including Usher and his favorite pastime is making Jacob’s life worse.

Drawing of Don on a purple background
Drawing of Jacob on a blue background

Jacob Yang

Junior Associate

Got hired straight out of B-school. Columbia, to be exact.
Much to Don’s disappointment, the high-stress environment doesn’t throw him off.

They’re triple trouble, y’all.
(I’m not cringe, I’m quoting Beastie Boys)


A drawing of Paul on a cyan background

Paul Davidson


If he had a rating, he would be rated E.
Doesn’t curse, drink, do drugs or literally anything
that could be unacceptable. How he got into this
business is unclear.

Holden Vega


One of the most hated DL consultants.
Not because he’s good, he’s just annoying.
Shithead, widower, potential
cult leader.

Drawing of Johnny on a yellow background

Johnny Ferrari


He’s been with DL for a long time. Like a very long time,
nobody knows how old he is.
CEO of Wesreal (pronounced like Israel but with a W).